Cleaning Oil Spills, Fish Hooks and Garbage

Litter = Bad. Experience and Coins = Good.

This feature is simply a way to earn coins and experience points by helping out your neighbors. You get 250 coins and 250 XP for each job.

There are three different types of things to clean, but they all function in the same way. Your friend will have either a yucky oil spill, fish hooks, or litter to be removed.

How do you clean garbage, oil spills and fish hooks in Fish World?

When you log in, you will see a bar, between your tank information bar and your friend list.

Click on the blue “Click Here” and you will immediately be taken to that friends tank.

When your friend’s tank loads, you will be prompted with another message.

IMPORTANT: You must wait for this pop up to appear or you will be unable to complete the task.

You MUST click Share or you will not be credited for your coins and experience points. (Even if you don’t want to share).

Another pop-up from Facebook will appear and you can either:  Share for your friends to see,  Cancel, or just hit the X to close the box.

After clearing the pop-up from Facebook, there is yet another pop-up from Fish World asking if you want to return to your tanks. Click Continue to go back to your tanks or hit the red X to stay in your friends tanks to rate, treat, leave a present…. whatever you’d like.