Dead Fish

No fish are ever automatically dead forever in Fish World.

If you feed your fish every 48 hours, they will not die. If your fish happend to die… it’s ok.  There are several different ways to have them revived.

My Fish in Fish World are dead… Now What?!

When fish die they turn a murky color and float upside down.

You cannot revive your own fish unless you want to spend Fishbucks.  One Fishbuck revives an entire tank.  To revive your own fish by spending 1 Fishbuck, click the red goldfish with white cross located on the toolbar under your tank.

Reviving Dead Fish

You will get a pop up confirming your purchase to revive your fish.You can also choose the “Ask Friends” option on this pop up, which will post to your wall asking your friends to revive your fish.

Remove Dead Fish

Remove Dead Fish Icons

If you want to remove your dead fish permanently, first click on any dead fish. Then, to flush all dead fish in the tank, click the fishing net icon on the left (1).  If you just want to get rid of the fish you selected, click the fishing net icon on the right (2).

Ask Friends To Revive Your Fish

If you want your fish revived at no cost, you can ask one of your friends or neighbours to visit your tank and revive them.

Revive Fish Free Icon


That person just needs to click on a dead fish, and then click the red “Revive Fish” icon (2) that appears just below your tank. This can be repeated as many times as necessary to bring all of your fish back to life. Reviving fish in this manner is completely free. If your friends are gracious enough, they could also spend 1 Fish Buck to revive an entire tank of fish by clicking the “Revive All Fish” icon (located on either side of the revive free icon).

Anyone can revive fish.  You do not need to be Fish World friends. If you happen to see a request to revive fish on your Facebook feed and you are not friends, you can still click it and help them out. Or if you see someone post their game link, you can click that and navigate to the tank with dead fish and help them out.

Other Ways To Revive Your Own Fish

Reviver: Put into a tank of dead fish.  As the reviver swims by a dead fish it will bring it back to life. Revivers must swim close enough to the dead fish to revive it. Depending on how many fish you have, this can take quite some time.


Is there a revive all fish button?
Yes, you can spend a Fishbuck and revive all of your own fish in a single tank at once. You can also choose to revive a neighbor’s tank of dead fish by loading their game, opening the tank with dead fish and choosing the “Revive All Fish” icon.

Why did all my fish die overnight… I fed them yesterday?
You may have encountered a saving glitch, whereby Fish World did not save once all of your fish were fed. No worries… have a neighbor revive them. To prevent this from happening, you can click the gear in the lower right of your game and click the log off button.  This will force your game to save your work.

You might also check to make sure that your computer’s clock is set to the correct time, date and year. Having an incorrect computer clock can cause a dead and sick fish epidemic in your tanks. There is no other reason that any fish should die in less than 24 hours.