Gifting & Trading

There are several different types of gifting in Fish World:

You can gift items from the “Free Gifts” section by clicking the Gift Tab above your game.

You can send most fish or decorations directly from your tank to a friend by clicking the item you wish to gift and then clicking the gift box button on the toolbar above the “Move to Inventory” button.

You can visit a friend’s tank, open your inventory and drop most items into their tank (as long as the tank does not contain a tank locker)

You can purchase something from the store while in a friend’s tank (as long as the tank does not contain a tank locker).

The ability to gift anyone most anything from your tanks, combined with Fish World having limited fish and items, has also opened up a new window for trading.

Understanding Requests

Just like most Facebook game applications, gifts are sent using what Facebook calls “Requests”.

Fish World uses Facebook gift requests for the Free Gifts sent via the tab above your game, for in-tank gifts sent by clicking an item in your tank and then clicking the gift box and for resources to unlock rescue crates.

Sending Gifts from the Free Gifts Tab

Click on the “Free Gifts” tab at the top of your tanks . Select a gift to send from the list of free gifts that appears and click the green”Send” button.  On the window displayed, you can select your Fish World friends to send that gift to. The window defaults to “All Friends”.  You can change it to “Fish World Friends” or uncheck the SELECT ALL box and type in the names or search the list of names to add to a send list.  Once you’ve made your selection, click  ”Send” to send the gift.

Free gifts in Fish World are currently unlimited.  But please be considerate and do not send your friends each gift more than once daily.  This will result in so many gifts being received that the recipient will be forced to reject them.  Rejected gifts cannot be returned to you.

Sending Gifts from Your Tanks

You can select any item, fish or decoration that is currently in your tanks and send them to anyone on your friends list. Click on the item and a small green “Gift” button will appear above the “Move to Inventory” button on the toolbar. Click on the green “Gift” button and you will be taken to a screen where you can select a friend to send the item to.

You can send the gift anonymously or unwrapped.  Clicking unwrapped opens a window where you can select the recipient from your list of friends and then click send.  Recipients of unwrapped gifts are told who sent the gift.

Clicking anonymous opens up a window where you must make 3 selections:  gift wrap, message and finally friend.  Be careful with your selections in Step 1 and 2 as some of them cost fishbucks.  Step 3 opens the same window as the unwrapped gift opened, where you select your friend and then click send. Recipients of anonymous gifts are not told who sent the gift.  They are also accepted in the anonymous tab when you click the Request Tab above your game.  

Sending gifts this way the recipient must click on their Request Tab and accept the request.  They have 2 weeks to accept it.  If they do not, then it automatically returns to the sender’s inventory.

You cannot gift the Vegetarian Sharks.

Dropping Items From Your Inventory / Gift Box

You can add any item into your inventory and then visit a friend’s tank, open your inventory and drop the items directly into your friend’s tank. This is very useful when you have a lot of items you’d like to give to one of your friends at one time. You can also drop items directly from your gift box if you wish.  You will not be able to drop from inventory in any tank with a Tank Locker in it.

You cannot gift the Vegetarian Sharks.

Purchasing Gifts from the Store in Friend’s Tanks

You can visit a friend’s tanks, click on the Gift Box on the right hand side of the tank (or the store button) and purchase up to 10 items and place them directly into your friend’s tank. You can purchase both coins and Fish Buck items for your friends, however, you cannot purchase things like Crates or Grab bags. Those items will be placed into your own inventory.  Additionally, the Alphabet section of the Deco store will not open in your friend’s game as those items cannot be gifted via direct purchase in someone’s tank.


A trade is simply an agreement to “gift” items in exchange for other items.

Ever since Fish World introduced the ability to gift any item from your tanks, people have been trading. Since many fish are only available for a limited time, they become more valuable than other fish and thus Fish World enthusiasts will trade a lot of things for fish and items that are concidered rare.

Trading is done at your own risk and Fish World will assume no responsibility for trades gone bad, so you must be careful in that aspect.

Check out the Fish Gallery if you’d like to look through all the fish ever released in Fish World and their original sales price. (Clicking the Fish Gallery link will open in a new tab/window).