Rescue Crates

About once a week, Fish World will release what’s called a Rescue Crate which contains a fish or creature which you can unlock for free by asking your friends for help. These Rescue Crates seem to cause a lot of confusion, mainly because there are several ways to ask for the Resources (i.e. Keys, Feathers, Tools) and the requests to accept and send those requests look very similar. This page is intended to help you understand the requests and how to unlock a Rescue Crate in Fish World.

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How to ask for Resources

1. Post to your Wall – The first and easiest way is to post to your Facebook Wall asking for your friends to send you the resources.

Rescue CrateTo do this, first click on the Rescue Crate in the top left hand corner of your tank.

Rescue CrateA window will pop up that looks something like this. Click the “Ask for Help” button or the “Update Status” button. Both of these buttons do basically the same thing, they only look slightly different when posted to your wall.

If we examine this pop up a little more closely, we can surmise that we need our friends to send us 5 of each Resource (paint colors in this case) in order to unlock the crate.

As we collect the resources, the count will increase for each one.

Rescue CrateThen post the next pop up from Facebook to your wall by clicking the “Share” button. You might want to write something in comment box, as this will make it easier for you to find your post on your wall, especially if you have Facebook’s new timeline layout.

Also, double check the little gear icon to the left of the “Share” button and make sure it’s set to “Friends” and not “Only Me”. This is a common issue that leaves players wondering, “Why can’t anyone see my post for help?”

2. Ask for Resources Individually – The second way to ask for resources is to ask for each Resource individually.

Rescue CrateTo do this, you would click on each yellow “Ask Friends” button under each resource.

Rescue CrateWhen you click on the “Ask Friends” button, you will get a pop up with a list of your friends to select.

You would need to ask at least 5 friends for each Resource (color of paint).

If you intend to unlock your crate this way, you would need to click on each Resource (above) and send out as many requests as necessary for each color.

3. Purchase the Resources – The last way to unlock a rescue crate would be to purchase each resource for 1 Fish Buck each.

Rescue CrateYou could purchase each Resource if you wanted… each 1 Fish Buck purchase will net you 1 Resource… meaning you would need to spend 5 x 7 = 35 Fish Bucks in Total to open this Rescue Crate.

This might be a viable option if you were missing just one or two resources, but opening the entire crate using only Fish Bucks seems a little excessive, especially since you can unlock it completely Free of charge with a little help from your friends.

Sending and Receiving the Resources

Now that we’ve either posted to our wall asking for resources or asked our friend for each resource individually, it’s time to send and receive those resources. This part seems to cause the most confusion among players.

1. Send Your Friends Resources from their Wall Post

Rescue CrateWhen you posted to you Facebook wall by using “Ask for Help” button, the resulting post to your wall will look something like this.

Click the “Help Them Out” link to send your friend these resources.

Rescue CrateOnce you click the “Help Them Out” link, you will be taken to this page.

Click on each individual Resource to send your friend these resources.

2. Accept, Send, Return and Ask for Resources back from you Fish World Requests Page

Rescue CrateNow it’s time to go to Fish World’s Request page and accept the requests for all of these resources.

First, click the “Requests” tab above your tanks to access the Requests Page.

**This is the most important part of this tutorial!**

Now, lets take a good look at the requests.

Rescue Crate

Upon first glance, you may think that all of these requests will count towards your total resource count within your game.


The top two say, “XX is requesting some XX from you! Will you send them one?” – Accepting these two requests will send the requested item TO YOUR FRIEND. These WILL NOT count towards your total.

The bottom two say, “XX has sent you some XX! Will you accept it?” – Accepting these two resources WILL COUNT towards your total.

You must read the requests carefully, otherwise, you may think that you are receiving resources when you are actually sending them to your friend.

Rescue CrateAfter accepting the requests, the buttons also look different.

These are the same requests as above after clicking the accept button.

The top two now say, “Request One Back”. Clicking this button will send a new request to your friend asking them to now send you one of these resources.

The bottom two now say, “Send One Back”. Clicking this button will send the resource back to your friend.

I hope this helps you understand the difference between sending and receiving the Rescue Crate Resources and teaches you to read your requests carefully before assuming that you aren’t getting the resources sent to you. Not all of the requests will count towards your total.

In addition, I have made a short tutorial video showing how I open a rescue crate in less than 5 minutes.