Fish Creation – Breeding

There are now two ways to create your own fish in Fish World. You can breed two fish together in the Breeding lab or you can genetically engineer your own fish in the Fish Lab.   Clicking the “Fish Creation” button on your toolbar below your tanks opens a window where you can choose either method.


To get to the Breeding lab, click on the “Breeding Tanks” button in the pop up. There are two tanks available for coin only users. The first one is free, the second one will cost you 50,000 coins. If you want to unlock more mating tanks, you will have to spend 10 Fishbucks for each tank.

Now, you can pick two regular fish and breed them together to see what you get. There are 25 different fish in Fish World that can be used in the Research Lab. Click the green question mark to see which fish those are or see below.  In addition to this basic list, any fish that you’ve created can also be mated.

Only fish that you currently have swimming in your main tanks (or in your inventory) will show up in your fish list on both sides of the lab. The list on both sides is identical.  So if you want to mate a certain fish but it’s not in your list, then that means you need to buy one with coins first. Specialty fish like whales, turtles, squids, sea horses, sharks, holiday fish, fishbuck fish, etc. will not show up in the list.

Breeding FishSimply drag the two fish you would like to mate into the same breeding tank within the Research Lab. Then click “Mate”.

After a very brief courtship, the two fish will mate and create a fish egg. You must wait 4 days for the egg to hatch. You also have the option of speeding up the process by clicking the “Speedup” button and paying 3 Fishbucks.

You can also cancel the current mating at any time by clicking the red X in the top left corner of the mini mating tank.

Move to TankAfter the egg hatches, click the “move to tank” button.

You will get a pop up allowing you to name your new fish. Type in a new name and click the “Share” button. Your new fish will be deposited into the tank you have loaded when you clicked the share button.

List of Breedable Fish

List of Breedable Fish

— Starter Fish —-
blue tang
yellow heartfish
blue longtail
yellow longnose
— Exotic Fish —
emp. angelfish
green neon
banded butterfly
zebra angelfish
longfin bannerfish
clown tigerfish
powder blue tang
s. fighter


Cloning Your FishYou can also make copies of any genetically engineered fish.

Drag the same fish from both sides of the fish list into the same mini mating tank and press the “Mate” button. The resulting fish will be an exact copy of the fish.