Selling Fish

While decorating tanks has become a major part of the game, the best way to earn coins and level up is still buying and selling fish. Some fish take longer to mature than others, some cost more than others. It’s up to you to decide which fish are worth the money you get for the time it takes.

If you plan on selling your fish all at once (bulk selling), be very careful in your choice of fish… do the math or you may find yourself at a loss for coins! (see bottom of Sell Your Fish in Bulk section for example).

All fish give the same amount of XP when you buy and sell them except for the Flame Angelfish. Because this fish matures quickly, it doesn’t give out a lot of coin or XP.  You do not get any XP when you buy the Flame Angelfish and you get only 1 XP when you sell them.  Additionally, unlike the other starter fish, predators won’t eat them. They will, however, bulk sell.

There are two ways to sell your fish. Individually or In Bulk via the Sell All Fish Icon.

Tip:  If you are going to bulk sell (use Sell All Fish icon), keep the number of total fish in the tank (including cleaners, premiums, etc.) to no more than 100, otherwise you will lose XP.

Sell Your Fish Individually

You make more coins when you sell your fish individually.

Click on a single fish in your tank and click on the sell button that appears below the fish’s image in your toolbar below your tank.

You will gain experience points (XP) for every fish sold.  With the exception of the 5 minute fish, the amount of XP you gain per fish sold is dependent on your current level.  The 5 minute fish only gives 1 XP regardless of level.  Read more about Levels & XP.

You will also get the full selling price plus any happiness bonuses (shown in parenthesis) you may have for your fish.

Selling Fish Individually

Selling Fish Individually

The fish with the yellow highlight is the fish that I clicked on. All of the information about this fish is now listed at the bottom of my tank.
First it shows a picture of the fish and the type of fish it is (Green Snapper).
Sell Fish: Click on this button to sell this fish. You will get the full price of the fish (plus any happiness bonuses you may have). You will get full XP, dependent on your level.
Current: How much the fish is currently worth.  The bonus is shown in parenthesis.
Adult: How much the fish is worth as an Adult.
Adulthood: How long until the fish reaches full maturity and is ready to sell. In this case, the fish is fully grown and ready to be sold.  You can sell a fish before it has reached adulthood, however, you will only get the “Current” price and you will only receive +1 XP.
Hunger: The Hunger Bar is at 0% because I just fed this fish. When the bar is red, the fish is hungry and it will display a hunger bubble above it’s head. See this page on Feeding Fish for more information.
Happiness: If I add more decorations to the tank, this fish will be much happier and will sell for more coins. If the tank is dirty, the fish will be unhappy, so make sure you clean your tank before selling your fish. (The question mark will give you suggestions on how to make your fish happier.) See the page on Fish Happiness for more detailed information.

Sell Your Fish In Bulk

Click on the Sell My Fish icon (goldfish with $ sign), located in the toolbar area below your fish tank, to sell all fish in the tank at once.

Sell All Fish button

Bulk Selling Fish

Clicking on this button will sell all of your adult fish; it will leave immature fish alone. If you don’t see this button in your tank, try clicking on an empty space inside your tank.

Once you click the Sell My Fish icon, you will get a pop up that indicates how many adult fish you will be selling and how many coins and XP you will make from this sale.

Bulk Selling: Information Pop Up

Bulk Selling: Information Pop Up

When it says, “You can sell your fish at the market for a 15% commission”, it is informing you that the game will be charging you a 15% commission fee for selling in bulk. This mean that you lose 15% of the total sales price of the fish being sold.

Not all fish can be sold in bulk. Any fish purchased for Fish Bucks is immune to the sell all button and will not sell in bulk.

You can maximize your profits by making sure your fish are happy! See the guide to Fish Happiness for more information.

Be careful of selling fish in bulk… some fish must be sold individually in order to make any profit.  Take this example (bonus coin earned is excluded for purposes of this illustration):

Buy a Jellyfish for 5,000 coins and sell it for 5,300 coins when it reaches maturity

Selling individually (click fish, click sell button below picture), total coins earned = 5,300
Selling in bulk (click Sell My Fish button), total coins earned = 5,300 minus 15% (795 coins) = 4,505

This fish should not be sold in bulk or you will earn less than what you originally paid for the fish


Why do you lose 15% When selling your fish at once?
Think of it as a convenience fee for selling your fish in bulk. You save a lot of time not having to sell your fish one by one. When merchants sell things in bulk, the price is usually less per item because you are getting so many at one time. I suppose “the market” is going to sell your fish and mark them up from what they paid you. It’s a sticky topic amongst Fish Worlder’s.

Hopefully, this answers the frequently asked question: Where is the Market? It’s not like farm town… if you click yes to this message, you have sold your fish to the market.