Bingo is a new feature of Fish World. (06/22/2011) This is your classic bingo… nothing fancy, but it can really be fun, especially if you’re playing the Fishbucks version with Power Ups.

You can access the game by clicking on the Bingo card located in the lower right hand corner of your tanks.
The Main Lobby

The main lobby shows your overall winnings for all Bingo games you’ve played in the top left hand corner.

On the right hand side, under “Current Bingo Games”, you will see that there are three possible games which you can play: Fishbucks, High Roller Coins or All Coins.

To enter a particular game, click on the orange “Join Game” button associated with that game.
Buy Your Cards

Once you’ve entered the game you wish to play, you will then need to purchase your cards. You have the option of purchasing 1-4 cards for any given round. The price of the cards is listed on each number of cards you might choose. Once you’ve purchased your cards, a gold check mark will appear on your cards. You will not see your cards until the next round begins.

How to Play

An announcer will call the numbers (if you have the volume turned on; there’s a speaker button near the top of the Bingo Window which will turn the sound on and off).

The numbers will also be visually displayed across the top of your cards as they are called.

In addition, numbers are marked on the board on the right hand side for easy reference as you play the game.

This area will also give you useful information, such as, how many players/cards are in the game, how many Bingos are left to be called in the current game, and how many Treasure Chests you’ve won during the round.

Click on the associated numbers on your cards as the numbers are called. This will “dab” or “daub” your numbers with a red circle.

The object of the game is to get a straight line, either horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

This version of Bingo does not count any specialty Bingos such as 4 corners or the like.

Once you’ve gotten a straight line, you click the “Bingo” button underneath the card that the Bingo is on.
Power Ups

Power ups are only found when playing the Fishbuck version of Bingo.

Your power up meter increases with ever number daubed on your card. Once it’s fully powered, click on it to activate the power up. Activating the power up will give you special items on certain spaces of your cards.

The power up meter will then have a short “cool down” period. If you daub a number that has a power up, then you will win that power up regardless if you Bingo or not.

There are 5 different power ups:

Coins: Win Coins when a number with a coin power up is daubed.
XP: Win Experience points when a number with an XP power up is daubed.
Treasure Chests: Win a treasure chest, which can be redeemed at the end of the game for random items such as exclusive fish, coins, XP, feeders or Fishbucks.
Mark All: This power up will mark all spots on your card that have been called throughout the game. This can be handy if you’ve accidentally missed marking a number while playing, it will mark it for you.
Free Space: This Power up will mark one free space on all cards which you currently have in play.

If you’ve won any chests, you will be prompted to redeem those chests by clicking on them at the end of the game and seeing what’s inside. All prizes won from chests are deposited into your inventory.

Bad Bingo

You will get a bad Bingo if you call bingo too early or if you’ve accidentally marked a spot which hasn’t really been called and then click the Bingo button. If this happens, that card will be rendered useless for the rest of the game.


In order to even qualify for winning a Jackpot, you must have purchased 4 cards during the round. In order to receive the Jackpot, you must then call Bingo after only 4 numbers are called in the round. This could only be possible by using the free space in the center of each Bingo card.