Buying Fish

Filling your tanks with fish is one of the most important parts of the game.

Be careful of what you click on in the store. Developers are always adding new things and changing things around. Make sure you are buying the type of fish you really want to buy.

Effective, February, 2014, Fish World redesigned the Fish World Shop.  The old shop was less able to handle the volume of items we now have available to us in the game making it difficult to navigate.

The new store includes some very highly requested items: a store search and the ability to multi-purchase fish.  In addition, a whole new “Featured” category was added to better help you find things like sales and items leaving.

In addition to searching on name or partial name, you can search on function and certain tags.  The following are the most common function names and tags:

  • Functions:
    • Premium, Feeder, Cleaner, Locker, Security, Treasure Collector, Reviver
  • Tags:
    • Predator, Prey, Deco Predator, Breedable,  Playful, Fish Toy, Functional, Animated, Illuminated


  • You can search on name, partial name, function and even tags (predator, prey, etc.)
  • Unless part of the name, you can’t search on color or type of item (flamingo, snapper, etc.)
  • You can multi-purchase up to 50 of most items
  • Any item that generates a pop up, however, can only be purchased one at a time because the pop up interrupts the multi-purchase.  Sharks fall into this category
  • Use the scroll bar to the right of the store, especially when viewing items found using the search box.
    • Search box results are displayed in order: Fish, Decorations, Plants, Backgrounds
  • The store remembers where you are. If you close and re-open during the same gaming session, it opens to where you were when you closed the store.
  • When in the buy screen, hover over any tag you see for a more detailed description.


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How to Buy Fish in Fish World

Store Button

Open Shop Icon

Click the Open Shop Icon located on the tool bar below your tanks to open the store.

You can then either click the Fish & Wildlife category to display all current fish sections available or use the search box to try something more specific.

Remember you can search on name, partial name, function (premium, feeder, etc.) and tags (predator, prey), but not things like color or type of fish (snapper, pixie, etc.) unless it is part of the name.

If you clicked the Fish & Wildlife category, the store displays all fish sections currently available in the store.  Simply use the scroll bar to the right of the store to navigate to the section you are interested in. For example, Starter Fish.

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Click the fish section picture to load all the fish available in the section.  To buy a fish, click its picture to load the purchase panel details.

If you want to buy more than one, type the number you want (up to 50), use the – /+ arrows to adjust the number displayed or click MAX to buy 50.  Click BUY NOW to buy the fish.


  • If you click BUY NOW with the number of fish to buy set to 1, you get the normal fish egg that you must then click in the tank to purchase.
  • Each click of the egg equals one fish bought.
  • You must click the green CANCEL button to remove the egg.
  • If you adjusted the number to purchase to something other than 1, then the game multi-purchases it for you without you having to click.
  • The store closes after the purchase.

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  • Wait for the fish to hatch before navigating to a new tank.  Failure to do so may cause the fish not to register.
  • If you do not have a feeder or premium item in the tank, wait for the hunger bubble to appear, then click the food icon and deposit a fish flake in the tank.
  • You must feed newly hatched fish or they will die.

If your tank is a coin tank you gain +1 experience point (XP) for every fish egg hatched.  If it is a deluxe tank (you paid Fishbucks for it), you gain +2 XP for every fish egg hatched. The exception to this is the 5 minute fish, the Flame Angelfish, which will not give you any XP for hatching.

Buying Fish

Fish Eggs Dropping And Hatching

Fish After Hatching are Now Hungry


Is there a limit to how many fish can be in a tank?
Yes, any player who started after March 2011 is limited to 250 fish per tank. Anyone who started before then may have 500 fish per tank.

Can I breed my fish?
Yes, you can now breed your fish using the Research Lab.

There is also a Betta Breeder.