Decorating Tanks

This game allows for a multitude of creativity. Different backgrounds, different decorations… the possibilities are limitless.

Buying Decorations

Click on the supply store button in the lower right hand corner of your tank. Navigate through the many categories and find the decoration you would like. Click on the item, and then click inside your tank to set the item down.

There are several sections and catgories to choose from, so take your time and plan your tanks. My favorite thing about this game is how creative you can be when decorating your Fish World tanks.

WARNING: Once you click “Buy” ┬áin the store, you have no option to put the item back if you decide you don’t want it. You can, however, hit the “Play” tab above your tanks to reload the game and this will in effect cancel the purchase.

Moving, Resizing & Flipping Decorations

Once you have purchased an item from the supply store, click on it to highlight it. You now have options to flip the item (facing left or facing right), make the item bigger, or make the item smaller. You can also rotate the item clockwise or counter clockwise. And finally, you can Animate the Decoration using Animation Credits.

Click and drag an item to move it… that is click and hold the mouse down while you are moving; unclick to set the item down. Click on a blank spot inside your tank to deselect the item.

Once you select a decoration, an “Item Selected” menu will appear. The box with the arrows facing left and right will flip your item (left or right). The box with the arrows pointing outward will make the item bigger, and the last box with the arrows pointing inward will shrink your item. You also have the option to sell this item or add it to your inventory.

Removing a Stuck Decoration

If you’ve got a decoration stuck behind an advertisement on the right hand side of the screen, watch this video to see how to remove it:

If you have a decoration stuck under the lip in the lower right corner, watch this video on how to remove it.

Decorating Tip #1: Stack different plants in front of one another to get different effects.

Decorating Tip #2: Visit your neighbors to get ideas on how to decorate your tanks.

Decorating Tip #3: Shrink an item down very small, then move it all the way to the left or right, and enlarge it. It will appear the item is coming from off the screen. But beware, once the item is in place, if you click it again, it will jump back into the tank. Takes a little practice, but worth a try to get different effects.



Yes! You can now sell off unused tanks. See the Navigation page for more info.


No, you cannot sell a background. Once you buy a background, you can use it in any tank and as many times you want.