Betta Breeder

Certain decorations in Fish World will give out a decoration or fish as a prize. These are called Functional Decorations and include:

With the exception of the Betta Breeders, functional decorations require help from friends to trigger their timers.

Betta Breeders

There are three Breeder Betta functional decorations: Starter,Pro and Master.  They can be found in the Decoration section of the store under Betta Breeder Decos.

The Starter Breeder costs 25 coins.

The Pro Breeder unlocks free after collecting the required number of fish from the Starter Breeder or you can unlock it early for 12 Fishbucks.  You must have the Starter Breeder in order to get the Pro Breeder.

The Master Breeder unlocks free after collecting the required number of fish from the Pro Breeder or you can unlock it early for 26 Fishbucks.  You must have the Pro Breeder in order to get the Master Breeder.

All  three breeders work the same way.  They go through five stages of 12 hours each.  At the end of each stage, you click the decoration to start the next stage.  At the end of the fifth stage you click the decoration to get your fish.  The fish is deposited into your inventory.

All three breeders produce random fish of varying colors and fin design.  On rare occasion, each breeder will also produce one of three pre-made bettas.  You can find the list of the pre-made bettas here.

Pre-made bettas have a specific name.  The randomly designed fish do not.  So they will be displayed in inventory without a fish picture, having the name, Betta Breeder.

You can rename these fish by taking them out of inventory, clicking them to highlight and then clicking the name of the fish displayed above its picture on the tool bar.  They will retain the name you give it.

At each of the five stages you will get a pop up message indicating the various breeding stages.  You can wait the 12 hours and cycle through each stage for free or you can speed up the stage by paying 3 FB.  So if you wanted to speed up all five stages it will cost you 15 FB (3 FB x 5 stages).

The breeder decorations will keep producing fish, so don’t sell it.   As long as you click the decoration, it will cycle through its five stages giving you a fish at the end.  


  • Because it runs on a timer, you cannot inventory any of the breeder decorations. Instead.  You can click the decoration and use the Transfer menu to move it to a different tank.
  • Although the Pro and Master Breeders unlock free, the game tries to check your fishbuck balance anyway.  If your balance is less than the cost of the breeder you are attempting to unlock, you will get an error message that you do not have enough Fishbucks.  If this happens, you should submit a ticket so that Fish World can unlock the breeder for you.  As long as you’ve collected all the fish required for the breeder before the one you are trying to unlock, it should unlock for free.