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Getting around in Fish World is pretty easy once you know how. Pretty soon you’ll be tank hopping like a pro in your tanks AND your friends tanks.

View Tank Icon

View Tanks Icon

Click on the “View Tanks” icon in the lower left corner of the toolbar to open your Tank Preview window.

To navigate to a different tank, just click the picture of the tank you wish to load. Because only 12 tanks are displayed at a time, you’ll have to use the vertical scroll bar to the right of the tank preview pictures to bring additional tanks into view.

You can also use the search box to bring up a specific tank. Just start typing any part of the name of the tank in the search box.  When you see the tank preview picture displayed, click it to load the tank.  This is very useful if you have say, 500 tanks!!

Tip:  Think about naming conventions for your tanks to make optimum use of the search bar.  For example, for tanks used to flip fish for leveling up, you can name them Flip 1, Flip 2, etc. and then search on the term, flip, to bring up all of those tanks.

Tank Preview Window and Tank Settings

Beyond navigating to different tanks, the Tank Preview Window and the drop-down settings window, allow you to set your tanks up in not only the order you wish to see them, but also control such things as who can see them and who can touch decorations in them.  Click the picture for a larger view of the Tank Preview Window on the left and the Tank Settings Detail Window on the right.

Click to enlarge

The picture shows a lot of information.  After enlarging it, feel free to right click on the picture and *Save As* to your computer. Things to note on Tank Preview:

  • Only 12 tanks are displayed at a time. To see more tanks, use the vertical scroll bar.
  • Using tank search is faster than using the scroll bar.
  • When you buy a new tank, you will only be given a choice to purchase a coin tank if you have not already bought all the coin tanks you are allowed for your level.  Buying deluxe tanks is unlimited.
  • There are 2 ways to move a tank’s location: clicking the green up/down arrows or using the change order button on a tank’s detail window.
  • The tank that is currently loaded has an orange boarder around its preview picture.
  • The number displayed inside each preview picture is the tank’s position, e.g., Tank #1 is your first tank.
  • Tanks with a star are tanks you purchased with fishbucks
  • Tanks with icon of 3 people are open tanks

Things to note on Tank Settings Detail:

  • The tank preview picture can be changed.  It is free in deluxe tanks and tanks with custom backgrounds. Otherwise it is 1 FB each time you change it.
  • Only change a tank to OPEN if you are actively having friends decorate for you. Open tanks slow the game way down. Open tanks allow your friends to move/resize YOUR decorations.  Tank lockers do not prevent decorations in an open tank from being moved/resized. They only prevent a friend from dropping or gifting items in the tank.
  • Private tanks can’t be seen by visitors unless you give them the tank link.
  • If you change the location of any tank, its tank link remains the same.
  • Consider making the tank in 1st position PRIVATE and CLOSED and keep it empty.  It will help your game load faster.

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Add A New Tank

Your first two coin tanks are free and cannot be sold. You start with one when you load the game for the first time and you are not charged when you add a second “coin” tank.

add new tank button

Open up tank preview by clicking the tank preview on your tool bar. Then click the green, Add New Tank button.

If you haven’t purchased all the coin tanks you are allowed for your level the Add Tank pop up will give you the option to purchase a tank for coins or a deluxe tank for Fishbucks.  If you’ve already purchased all the coin tanks you are allowed for your level, then you’ll only be able to buy a deluxe tank.

How many coin tanks am I allowed?

  • Levels 1 – 79 are allowed one coin tank per level.
  • Levels 80 – 159 are allowed two coin tank per level.
  • Levels 160 – 300 are allowed three coin tank per level.

Add New Tank


Click the green button, Buy Now, for the type of tank you are purchasing.

You can purchase unlimited Deluxe Tanks.  The number of coin tanks you can have is based on your level.  If you’ve already purchased all the coin tanks you’re allowed for your level, you will not be able to buy another until you level up and unlock more, or you sell a coin tank you already own.

Deluxe tanks cost 5 Fishbucks each.  Deluxe tanks provide an XP boost, a happiness boost, fish never get sick and allow for more tank layers.  XP boost means you get slightly more XP than what you would normally get based on your level. Happiness boost means your coin bonus (number in parenthesis) is slightly bigger.

The price of a coin tank is based on your current level and how many coin tanks you already have, with the price of each additional tank costing more than the previous one you purchased.  The cost of your 40th coin tank will be more than the cost of your 39th coin tank for example.  All players pay the same amount for their coin tanks, no matter what level they are on. Meaning, a level 40 player buying their 40th coin tank will pay the same price as a player at level 250 buying their 40th coin tank.


  • You can sell all but the first two tanks you received for free.
  • Tanks must be completely empty in order to sell them.
  • You will not get full price  for selling a tank.  If  the tank you sell is a deluxe (Fishbuck tank), you will get coins back, not Fishbucks.
  • Instead of selling your tanks, turn any empty tank into a storage tank instead of using inventory.  Your game will load faster and you can hide the tank by setting it to private.


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