Levels & XP

Effective, May 27, 2013, the level cap in Fish World was changed from 99 to 250.  Enough levels to keep you busy for hours upon hours of game play.  Along with the increase in levels, other features were added that affect XP. Effective October, 06, 2015, the level cap was once again increased from level 250 to 300.

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Leveling up is important as you have to be a certain level to send certain Free Gifts to your friends, certain items in the store and play certain features of the game.

Currently, all Free Gifts unlock at level 120, all store items become available for purchase at level 65, the Auction House unlocks at level 20 and you start earning slots credits at level 100.

You level up fairly quickly at lower levels.  The higher you go, however, the longer it takes to reach the next level.  You do, though earn greater rewards as you level up.

Leveling Up Tip: The fastest way to move up is to fill your tanks with 100 green snappers and bulk sell them every 4 hours. As soon as you can buy another tank, do so, and continue the process until you reach the desired level. It is very important not to overfill the tank if you bulk sell (use Sell All Fish button). Keep to 100 total fish in a tank and you’ll earn the max XP for your level.  See this brief tutorial.
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Experience Points (XP) Explained

You earn XP in a variety of ways.  The most basic way, however, is by buying and selling fish.  Everyone has their own favorite fish to use, but if your goal is to level up, then the Snapper is most likely the best fish to use.  It matures in 4 hours allowing you to buy and sell several times a day.  While the Flame Angel matures in 5 minutes, you get limited XP for this fish.

Buying Fish:
The 5-minute fish (Flame Angel) provides 0 experience points per fish bought.  For every other fish:

+1 XP for every fish egg bought and hatched in a coin tank

+2 XP for every fish egg bought and hatched in a deluxe tank

Selling Fish:
The 5-minute fish (Flame Angel) provides +1 XP per fish sold.  For every other fish:

-Bulk selling (clicking “Sell All Fish” button)

-more than +100 fish  in a tank provides +2 XP perfish sold

-100 fish or less in the tank provides the maximum XP based on your current level.*

-Selling fish one by one or having a predator eat them

-No matter the amount of fish in the tank provides the maximum XP based on your level.*

*If the tank is a deluxe tank you get a slight XP boost netting you slightly more than the max for your level.
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Other Ways To Earn XP

Rescue Crate Spins:
Every time the wheel lands on a color for which all keys have been unlocked, you will earn  XP. The amount of XP starts at whatever the max is for your level, down to a base amount. Similar to the how the Daily Spin works.

Using Super-gro:
+5 XP for each fish grown.

Clicking A Loot Bag:
+1 XP for clicking a loot bag.

Cleaning Algae:
+3 XP for every algae spot cleaned in your own tank. You will also occasionally get special gems / stones with different coin/xp values when Cleaning Tanks.

Feeding Treats:
+1 XP for feeding your neighbors’ fish a treat.

Cleaning Garbage:
You also gain a lot of experience when you clean garbage from your neighbors tanks. The amount you gain is based on your level. See this post on Cleaning Garbage, Oil Spills and Fish Hooks for more information.

Charging Robot Fish:
You receive as many XP as your current level for every robot fish charged in your own tank and your neighbors tanks. For example, if you are level 99, you will get 99 XP for each robot fish charged.  You can charge your own robot fish every 6 hours.  Others can charge your robot fish once every 24 hours. Fish World’s Community Group (FWC) has a document with links to tanks containing robot fish.  You can find it here.

Buying Decorations:
You gain XP when purchasing Fish Buck decorations. The amount varies and is usually shown in the store.

The Daily Spin:
You will receive varied amounts of XP from the Daily Spinner. The higher your level, the more XP you win.  Your first spin will provide the highest XP.  With each successive spin the amount decreases until you plateau at a set amount for the rest of the day.

Daily Goals:
You will receive varied amounts of XP by completing a set of goals posted daily in your tank.  The amount earned is level dependent.

The Fishing Spot:
You will receive varied amounts of XP for every fish caught.  The amount earned is level dependent.

The Auction House:
You will receive varied amounts of XP for every fishbuck item purchased.  The amount earned is level dependent.

The VIP Wishing Well:
VIP members receive daily XP for clicking their wishing well.

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The Different Levels in Fish World (the following section is obsolete and is kept for historical purposes only).

Effective May 27, 2013, the leveling structure in Fish World significantly changed.   The new level cap has been increased from 99 to 250 and the XP requirements for each level has been reduced somewhat.  It will still take you awhile to reach the top, but you’ll receive levels (and therefore rewards) more frequently along the way.  The following table, therefore, is obsolete but will be kept for historical purposes.  

EXP Needed
1 Small Time Fish Keeper 1 xp **********
2 Beginner Fish Keeper 5 xp Pearl Gem, 1 Coin, Tiered Elestos
3 Garden Variety Fish Keeper 10 xp Ruby, +3 coins, Starfish, +1 Fishbuck
4 Promising Fish Keeper 20 xp Diamond, +5 coins, Clam
5 Competent Fish Keeper 35 xp Blue Sapphire, +1 Fishbuck, Green Gorgonian
6 Super Fish Merchant 55 xp Pearl Gem, +20 coins, Green Coral
7 Finatic Fish Kepper 95 xp Ruby, +1 Fishbuck, Anchor
8 Fish Enthusiast 145 xp Diamond, +40 coins
9 Fabulous Friend of the Fish 225 xp Blue Sapphire, +1 Fishbuck, Horn of Coral
10 Determined Fish Keeper 335 xp Pearl Gem, +60 coins, Green Spiker
11 Intermediate Keeper 495 xp Ruby Gem, +1 Fishbuck, Sunken Bell
12 Four Star Fish Keeper 665 xp Diamond Gem, +80 coins, Cave Stone
13 Seasoned Fish Keeper 915 xp Sapphire Gem, +1 Fishbuck
14 Fish Fanatic 1200 xp Pearl Gem, +100 coins, Purple Coral
15 Accomplished Fish Friend 1600 xp Ruby, +1 Fishbuck, Slippery Sign
16 Worldly Fish Merchant 2400 xp Diamond, +200 coins, Blue Coral
17 Electrifying Fish Keeper 3300 xp Blue Sapphire Gem, +1 Fishbuck
18 Refined Fish Keeper 4300 xp Pearl Gem, +200 coins, Stone Rock
19 Fishworld Veteran 5500 xp Ruby Gem, +1 Fishbuck, Red Ludwigia
20 Sensational Fish Keeper 7000 xp Diamond, +1 Fishbuck, Fancy Clam
21 VIP Keeper of the Fish 8500 xp Sapphire Gem, +1 Fishbuck
22 First Rate Fish Keeper 10000 xp Pearl Gem, +1 Fishbuck, Hydro Vulgaris
23 Fish Powerhouse 12000 xp Ruby, +1 Fishbuck, Treasure Chest
24 Colossal Fish Kepper 14000 xp Diamond, +1 Fishbuck, Red & Green Fern
25 Five Star Fish Keeper 16000 xp Blue Sapphire Gem, +1 Fishbuck, Tree Trunk
26 Exceptional Fish Pro 18000 xp Pearl Gem, +1 Fishbuck
27 Major League Fish Keeper 20000 xp Ruby Gem, +1 Fishbuck, Magenta Ludwigia
28 Fish Mogul 22000 xp Diamond Gem, +1 Fishbuck, Kissing Fish
29 Grand Keeper of the Fish 24000 xp Blue Sapphire, +1 Fishbuck, Scuba Diver
30 Superstar Fish Fanatic 26000 xp Pearl Gem, +1 Fishbuck
31 Big-Time Fish Keeper 28000 xp Ruby Gem, +1 Fishbuck
32 Primo Fish Keeper 30000 xp Diamond, +1 Fishbuck
33 Great Big Fish 32500 xp Blue Sapphire Gem, +1 Fishbuck
34 Fish World Chief 35000 xp Pearl Gem, +1 Fishbuck
35 Fish HotShot 37500 xp Ruby Gem, +1 Fishbuck
36 Fish Master 40000 xp Diamond, +1 Fishbuck
37 Fish World Wizard 42500 xp Sapphire Gem, +1 Fishbuck
38 Magestic Fish Magnate 45000 xp Pearl Gem, +1 Fishbuck
39 Fish Tycoon 47500 xp Ruby Gem +1 Fishbuck
40 Kingfish 50000 xp Diamond, +1 Fishbuck
41 The Kingfish Manager 55000 xp Blue Sapphire, +1 Fishbuck
42 The Kingfish VP 60000 xp Pearl Gem, +1 Fishbuck
43 The Kingfish President 65000 xp Ruby Gem, +1 Fishbuck
44 The Kingfish CEO 70000 xp Diamond, +1 Fishbuck
45 Kingfish of the Country 75000 xp Sapphire Gem, +1 Fishbuck
46 Kingfish of the World 80000 xp Pearl Gem, +1 Fishbuck
47 KingFish of the Planet 85000 xp Ruby Gem, +1 Fishbuck
48 KingFish of the Galaxy 90000 xp Diamond, +1 Fishbuck
49 KingFish of the Universe 95000 xp Diamond, +1 Fishbuck
50 KingFish of the KingFish 100000 xp Diamond, +1 Fishbuck
51 White Belt Megafish 120000 xp Diamond, +1 Fishbuck
52 Yellow Belt Megafish 140000 xp Diamond, +1 Fishbuck
53 Orange Belt Megafish 160000 xp Diamond, +1 Fishbuck
54 Green Belt Megafish 180000 xp Diamond, +1 Fishbuck
55 Blue Belt Megafish 200000 xp Diamond, +1 Fishbuck
56 Purple Belt Megafish 250000 xp Diamond, +1 Fishbuck
57 Red Belt Megafish 300000 xp Diamond, +1 Fishbuck
58 Brown Belt Megafish 350000 xp Diamond, +1 Fishbuck
59 Black Belt Megafish 400000 xp Diamond, +1 Fishbuck
60 Sensai Megafish 450000 xp Diamond, +1 Fishbuck
61 Tiny Superfish 500000 xp Diamond, +1 Fishbuck
62 Miniature Superfish 550000 xp Diamond, +1 Fishbuck
63 Small Superfish 600000 xp Diamond, +1 Fishbuck
64 Medium Superfish 650000 xp Diamond, +1 Fishbuck
65 Regular Superfish 700000 xp Diamond, +1 Fishbuck
66 Large Superfish 750000 xp Diamond, +1 Fishbuck
67 Giant Superfish 800000 xp Diamond, +1 Fishbuck
68 Huge Superfish 850000 xp Diamond, +1 Fishbuck, 5000 coins
69 Enormous Superfish 900000 xp +5000 coins, +1 Fishbuck
70 Maximum Superfish 950000 xp +5000 coins, +1 Fishbuck
71 The Supreme Plankton 1000000 xp +5000 coins, +1 Fishbuck
72 The Supreme Jellyfish 1050000 xp +5000 coins, +2 Fishbucks
73 The Supreme Green Snapper 1100000 xp +5000 coins, +2 Fishbucks
74 The Supreme Lobster 1150000 xp +5000 coins, +2 Fishbucks
75 The Supreme Piranha 1200000 xp +5000 coins, +2 Fishbucks
76 The Supreme Swordfish 1250000 xp +5000 coins, +2 Fishbucks
77 The Supreme Octopus 1300000 xp +5000 coins, +2 Fishbucks
78 The Supreme Dolphin 1350000 xp +5000 coins, +2 Fishbucks
79 The Supreme Orca 1400000 xp +5000 coins, +2 Fishbucks
80 The Supreme Great White 1450000 xp +5000 coins, +2 Fishbucks
81 Achilles of Fish World 1500000 xp +5000 coins, +2 Fishbucks
82 Hercules of Fish World 1550000 xp +5000 coins, +2 Fishbucks
83 Atlas of Fish World 1600000 xp +5000 coins, +2 Fishbucks
84 Oceanus of Fish World 1650000 xp +5000 coins, +2 Fishbucks
85 Hyperion of Fish World 1700000 xp +5000 coins, +2 Fishbucks
86 Artemis of Fish World 1750000 xp +5000 coins, +2 Fishbucks
87 Apollo of Fish World 1800000 xp +5000 coins, +2 Fishbucks
88 Athena of Fish World 1850000 xp +5000 coins, +2 Fishbucks
89 Poseidon of Fish World 1900000 xp +5000 coins, +2 Fishbucks
90 Zeus of Fish World 1950000 xp +5000 coins, +2 Fishbucks
91 Ultimate Fish World Champion 2000000 xp +10000 coins, +3 Fishbucks
92 Super Ultimate Fish World Champion 3000000 xp +10000 coins, +4 Fishbucks
93 Number One Fish World Champion 4000000 xp +10000 coins, +4 Fishbucks
94 The Great One 5000000 +10000 coins, +4 Fishbucks
95 Fish World Legend 6000000 xp +10000 coins, +4 Fishbucks
96 The Mazdak 7000000 xp +10000 coins, +4 Fishbucks
97 Fish World God 8000000 xp +10000 coins, +4 Fishbucks
98 Fish World Fanatic 9000000 xp +10000 coins, +4 Fishbucks
99 This Is It 10000000 xp +10000 coins, +4 Fishbucks


What is the criteria for moving up to a higher level?
You get to higher levels by gaining experience points (XP).

How do I know what level I am on?
The star in the upper right hand corner will have your level number in it. If you hover over the star with your level number in it, it will tell you how much experience you need to get to the next level.

Leveling Up Tip: The fastest way to move up is to fill your tanks with green snappers sell every 4 hours. As soon as you can buy another tank, do so, and continue the process until you reach the desired level.