Pull Tabs

You can now win gifts by playing the Pull Tabs mini-game in Fish World on Facebook.

The game is somewhat like playing slots, though, it does not cost anything to play the game. You play by pulling the tabs. When you get 3 (three) of the same charm in a row, then you win 1 (one) of those charms, which will be added to your collected charms. On the following page, you must win 3 (three) of the same charm to claim a prize. You can play Pull Tabs once every hour if you so desire.


Click on the blue Pull Tabs button that now appears in the lower center of your tanks in Fish World.

A window appears that says “Lottery”. Click and drag the pink arrow from right to left on all 5 lines.

Each pull will either be a winner or a loser. When you get three of the same charm, you have won 1 (one) of that particular charm. Once you have reached the bottom and pulled all of the 5 tabs, click the green Continue button.

The next screen will show you your Collected Charms. This is a tally of all the charms that you have won from pulling the tabs on the previous page. You must win 3 charms to claim your prize. Once you have collected 3 of the same charm, a blue button will appear that says “Claim Charm” next to that charm. Click on the blue “Claim Charm” button to claim your prize.

The next screen that appears is the Claim Gift screen. A random gift will appear. Click the green “Share & Continue” button to claim this prize.

Your prize will appear in your gift box the next time you reload your tanks.

NOTE: The prize does not appear immediately, again… you must reload your tanks for the prize to appear. A window from Facebook will appear asking if you would like to publish your prize to your Facebook wall. You can choose to Publish, Skip or just X out of this screen.

Once you are done with the game, a countdown clock now appears where the pull tabs button was before you played the game. You must wait 1 hour to play Pull Tabs again. You can click the blue “View Charms” button to see a list of the charms you have collected from previous wins.