Sick Fish

Your fish can get sick and die in Fish World for two reasons:  your computer clock is not set to the correct date (including year and time zone) or you haven’t properly maintained your tanks. The likelihood of your fish getting sick is very low, as long as your fish are fed and happy. Read about happy fish here.  If your fish are happy because they’re in good condition, they will most likely be healthy. If you have a premium in your tank, a tank filter, or your fish are in a deluxe tank, your fish will never get sick.


You will know that a fish is sick because it will have a bubble above its head, similar to a hunger bubble when they are hungry. The bubble will indicate the type of illness and which medication it needs to become healthy again. To bring your fish back to good health, purchase the appropriate medication from the supply store (for coins). These can be found under “Meds” in your supply store. Sick fish will die if you do not cure them. They don’t eat properly when they’re sick, so it should take approximately 48 hours (the same amount of time your fish can go hungry) before they die. One sick fish in a tank will also decrease the happiness of all the fish in the tank.


You can prevent sickness by keeping your fish happy, stocking your tanks with decorations, keeping them fed and maintaining the cleanliness of your tank. If you’d prefer to purchase a filter with Fishbucks to do the prevention for you, you can find it in the Supply Store under “Meds”. You must buy a filter for each tank. A Premium item will also prevent sickness in the tank it is in. Deluxe tanks also prevent fish from getting sick.


Can sick fish be revived once they die? Yes, a sick fish that dies can be revived, however, it will still need to be treated with medicine before it will eat or can be sold.

If a sick fish is untreated will other fish in the tank get sick too? No, not every fish in your tank will get sick.

Do Fishbuck fish get sick? Yes, fishbucks fish can get sick. You treat them the same as any other fish.

My fish are always sick! What’s the problem? If your fish are constantly sick and the tank is clean and contains decorations, then you should check your computer’s clock to make sure it is set to the correct Month, Day, Year and Hour. An incorrect computer clock will cause a sick fish epidemic in your tanks. It also causes many other issues within the game.