Feeding Your Fish

Unless you have a feeder or a premium item in the tank, it is very important that you feed your fish regularly or they will die. At least they let you know when they are hungry, right?


  • Feeders and premiums are expensive, but you’ll never have to feed fish in any tank that has either.
  • Fish will only feed when they have a hunger bubble
  • Sometimes you’ll see a premium with a hunger bubble (premiums don’t need to be fed). Just navigate to a different tank and come back, or refresh your game for its hunger bubble to disappear

How to Tell if Your Fish are Hungry

Your fish will tell you when they are hungry by displaying a hunger bubble with a picture of fish food inside.

Hungry Fish

Hungry Fish

The selected fish (the one highlighted yellow with the hunger bubble over it’s head) is hungry.

His hunger bar is completely red indicating he is 100% hungry.

The hunger bar measures from left to right, from hungry to hungrier.

Hungry fish are also unhappy. More on Fish Happiness.

FYI: Green Snappers will be hungry about an hour before they are ready to be sold. Different fish get hungry at different times depending on how long it takes for them to mature. Fish only die if not fed for 48 hours. Not all fish die, even if not fed.

Just remember though. No fish is ever dead forever in Fish World!! See this page on Reviving Dead Fish.

How to Feed Your Fish

Fish Food

Fish Food

Click on the food button and a mini, flyout menu opens.  The fish food will already be selected so you do not need to click the button for food.  Now, with food in hand, click somewhere near the top of the tank. Hungry fish will flock to the food. You only need to click once, then click the DONE button to remove the food from your cursor.

When you feed your fish, you need to wait for all of the hunger bubbles to disappear and give the game a chance to save before you navigate away from that tank. If you don’t wait for the white, flashing saving box (lower left inside tank) to disappear, then it will be like you never fed your fish and they will die.

Feeding Fish

Feeding Fish

Hungry fish will automatically flock to fish food once it has been dropped into the tank. Fish who aren’t hungry will go about their normal business.


  • Some fish are notoriously picky eaters. They are usually the bottom dwellers: snails, lizards, etc. It sometimes helps if you drop the fish flake a little behind and above these guys to get them to eat.


Why won’t my fish eat?
As stated above, your fish will only eat if they are hungry. If there is no hunger bubble, your fish are not ready to eat.

How much does it cost to feed my fish?
It doesn’t cost anything to feed your fish. You do not recieve any points or coins for feeding your fish either.

How long will an adult fish live for?
Adult fish will live forever as long as they are fed regularly and their tank is kept clean.

Why did my fish die?
Your fish will die if they aren’t fed within 48 hours.  If your fish die in less than 48 hours, then you should check your computer’s clock to make sure it is set to the correct date and time. An incorrect computer clock can cause an epidemic in your tanks with sick and dead fish daily.

My fish are dead, what should I do?
Have them revived!! More about Dead Fish.