Welcome to Fish World FYI

Decorate your Fish World Tank and then fill it with rare and exotic fish!

Fish World is an addicting game to play on Facebook. This site is intended to answer all of your questions about how to play Fish World, as well as, give you some tips and tricks.

The object of Fish World is to buy and sell your virtual fish to earn coins and gain experience points. The real fun comes in when you use those coins to decorate your tanks by buying decorations in the store. Then sit back and wait for your friends to rate your tanks. I have seen some very interesting Fish World tanks and I am always surprised at the creativity that this game allows.

Feed your fish regularly and when they reach full maturity, sell them to gain maximum profits. Clean your tanks to keep your fish happy and to earn experience points, as well as extra coins. You can also clean, feed treats and rate the tanks of your other Facebook friends.

There are currently 300 levels in Fish World.